Hi we are a group of four students studying at Plymouth University currently undertaking the module “Our Ocean Planet” and thought the best way for us to learn ourselves was to school others! We plan to keep this blog up to date with a range of data input, be that our own extracts, literature reviews or videos. So heres a little bit about each of us, so you can get to know who’s talking to you:

My name is Adriana Giles and I am originally from Bristol but relocated to Plymouth to study Marine Biology and Oceanography at the University. My favourite animal is… either the cuttlefish or the orca; I can’t decide! My hobbies and interest include: scuba-diving, dance, and rock-climbing, though I have an avid interest in the deep sea, specifically bioluminescence, which is what I would like to work on in the future. My end goal is to work for BAS (British Antarctic Survey), as the polar regions have unique ecosystems that I would love to research.


Hi my name is Ben Ellis and I am originally from a village called Ardley near Oxford and I moved to Plymouth late last year to begin studying Marine Biology at Plymouth University. My favourite animal is either the Pacific Sailfish or the Giant Isopod and my hobbies include snorkeling, bouldering, swimming and archery. I have a massive interest in coral reefs and the creatures that live on them, as well as the weird and wonderful animals that live in the deep sea. My goal is to help with research and conservation of the things I am interested in, so that they can continue to inspire generations to come.


Hi, my name is Chloe Baker-Attwood and I study Marine Biology at Plymouth University. I am originally from Bristol, but moved to Plymouth 2 years ago to begin the course. My favourite animal is the thresher shark and my hobbies and interests include Tae Kwon-Do, listening to music, scuba diving and spending time with my friends and family. In the future it is my goal to research sharks and hopefully aid their conservation.


My name is David Walker and I am originally from a small village on the outskirts of Bristol in the United Kingdom named Nailsea. I have recently moved to Plymouth to start my studies in Ocean Science and Marine Conservation at The University of Plymouth. My favourite animal is the Manta Ray and my hobbies and interests include traveling and surfing. In the future, I hope to be able to incorporate my interest of traveling with my job. My end goal is to become a conservation researcher for larger marine animals such as sharks, whales and manta rays.