Kids Newsletter: Second Edition

How Do Plastic Straws Hurt The Sea?

Drinking_straws_thrown_(4273847392).jpgStage 1 – Making the Straw

To make plastic straws we have to drill into the bottom of the sea and pump out horrible black oil. We then turn this oil into plastics used for straws. The problem with this is that the bottom of the sea is where our favourite sea animals live. Such as turtles, whales and lots of fish. When they drill into the bottom of the sea they sometimes drill through animal’s home causing them to have nowhere to live. Sometimes the oil they collect can spill this will poison all the animals which could cause them to die.

Stage 2 – Throwing Your Straw Away

When you throw your straw away it doesn’t actually go away. In fact, it takes 500 years for that one straw to decompose fully! As straws are very light, this means they are blown around a lot and end up in our oceans. When your colourful plastic straw reaches the top of the mountain of rubbish at the landfill site it is blown up and out of here and straight into the sea. Some mean people don’t even throw their straw in the bin on holiday. They leave it on the beach where the wind carries it into the sea.

Stage 3 – Hurting the Animals

After years of people using these horrible plastic straws our oceans are now full of them. So beautiful animals in the sea such as turtles see these bright colourful straws floating in the sea and think it’s food. When turtles eat plastic, their belly tells them they’re full when really, they’re still hungry. This makes the turtle not eat any more dinner which can cause the turtle to get really ill and sometimes die!


Turtles Under Attack From Plastic Bags

turtle-2250720 2.jpgMost sea turtles eat jellyfish at some point in their life, sometimes when they are babies and sometimes when they are fully grown adults. Since jellyfish are one of the favourite foods of turtles things that look like jellyfish, like plastic bags are very dangerous to them. When a sea turtle eats a plastic bag it can make it very ill and sometimes they will even die, or it makes them float which makes it easier for other animals like sharks to eat them. Lots of turtles die every year when they eat plastic bags because they look like tasty jellyfish, so people are stopping using plastic bags so not as many end up in the sea for the turtles to eat. So remember plastic bags could kill turtles so try not to use them if you can.


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