Disclaimer: This contains distressing images and possibly inappropriate language.

The video below shows a graphic removal of a straw from the nasal passageway of an Olive Ridley turtle by a collective of scientists in Costa Rica. It is believed that the straw had been accidentally ingested by the turtle and forcefully throw up resulting its deposition in the aforementioned cavity; the turtle unable to remove it itself. This clip shed light on the importance of making the change from plastic straws (and other one use utensils) to eco-friendly straws in all pubs, bars, and cafes, to reduce carbon footprints and protect the planets marine organisms.


4 thoughts on ““NO” TO PLASTIC STRAWS

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  2. Bethan Walker

    This is so sad! I think plastic straws should be banned. I’ve been given a straw in my drink so many times when I didn’t need it ask for one, it’s so unnecessary.

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