Kids Newsletter: First Edition

Fish Cities Under Threat:

fish-378286 2

Coral reefs are the cities of the sea, and have hundreds of fish, crabs, sharks and other creatures living in them, but these cities are starting to be destroyed by people fishing too much. On the coral reefs there are green creatures called algae that grow like fields, but they are eaten by special fish called grazers so they don’t overgrow, but if fishermen get rid of these fish then these algae grows really fast and covers all the corals, which makes them ill and causes them to die. This means that the fish have nowhere to live and so they leave, which causes the whole coral reef to die which is very bad. Also some people fish using big nets that are like bulldozers that smash and flatten the coral reef destroying more of the underwater cities, these are called trawling nets. This is very bad, but it is starting to get better. People are protecting these coral reefs so other people can’t fish in them, which means the coral does not die, so maybe someday you could see a coral reef too.


Pirate Crabs Taking Over The Thames:

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 13.32.55

The Chinese Mitten Crab is an animal that is hurting the River Thames in England. The Chinese Mitten crab comes originally from the continent Asia, but travelled to England on boats. After travelling the long distance, the crab made a home in the Thames River by digging into the sides of the river. The result of this is damage to the sides of the river can cause problems that affect the economy, increase the risk of flooding and affect animals that already live in the area. One example of an animal that has been troubled by the Chinese Mitten Crab is the White Clawed-Crayfish (they are native to the Thames River). The crayfish and the crab compete for food, homes and other basic things that they need to live.


Overfishing And Invasive Species Word-Search

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