Welcome to the ABCD of marine’s blog!


Plymouth Barbican
Plymouth Barbican 2018


Welcome to the ABCD of marine’s blog!

If you are currently reading this, it means you have a keen interest in the human impacts on the marine systems; our aim is to expand upon this drive and educate you on current issues affecting our planet today. We hope to provide you with knowledge that will help advise you in the future or just keep you aware of a wide range of topics including: ocean acidification, introduced invasive species, microplastics, and new-fangled problems as they appear.

We are a group of four students studying at Plymouth University currently undertaking the module “Our Ocean Planet” and thought the best way to learn ourselves was to school others! We plan to keep this blog up to date with a range of data input, be that our own extracts, literature reviews or videos.

So feel free to have a read, email us with any questions or suggestions, and enjoy having a new source of marine information. We even have a children’s section – properly educating the next generation is a future investment we should all participate in.


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